About Us

Founded in 1993, Tesseract Consulting is a group of seasoned business professionals dedicated to helping high-tech companies raise their public profiles, run their businesses more efficiently, and improve the go-to-market effectiveness of their products and services.

Tesseract's consultants deliver strategic planning, marketing communication, corporate education, and sales support services to high-tech firms. They can develop and execute strategic plans, produce marketing communications, and create sales tools that greatly enhance your company’s chances of marketplace success.

Tesseract specializes in teaming with growing businesses that don’t yet have fully-staffed departments, and established companies taking on new projects that require more support than their current staff can handle.

Consultants are available on a project or long-term basis, either individually or as a “virtual team”.

Tesseract's services are centered on the experience of its two principal consultants: Mr. Rick Perez and Ms. Linda Watson. Together these associates have more than 60 years of combined experience in product development, sales, and marketing for B2B and B2C products and services in the high tech and manufacturing industries.

Rick Perez

President and Principal ConsultantRick Perez, President and Principal Consultant Tesseract Consulting Corp.

Rick Perez has over 30 years experience bridging the gap between technology and marketing with a unique combination of engineering experience, management skills, and marketing expertise.

Mr. Perez is skilled in the development of marketing strategies, pricing, forecasting, brand management, sales tools design, applications development, market analysis and product introduction.

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Linda D. Watson

Principal ConsultantLinda D. Watson, Principal Consultant Tesseract Consulting Corp.

Linda Watson has over 35 years of expertise in management, strategic marketing and business strategies, multimedia communications, introductions for products, applications, solutions and services, event management from concept through completion, and all aspects of corporate education. These proficiencies encompass all distribution strategies (direct, reseller, distributors, channels, partners, co-ops, alliance partners, etc.) and all business models from incubator, start-up, small, medium, and global B2B and B2C companies.

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