Business Consulting

Your corporation faces new and unexpected challenges on a daily basis, and without a clear corporate vision or well-defined goals, the risks increase. Tesseract Consulting can offer you the objective eye of an outsider, unobstructed by corporate politics or internal interests. We will scrutinize your organizational structure, core competencies, business relationships (both partner and customer), and long-term profitability. After reporting our findings, we will assist in defining (or redefining) your company’s vision and goals, recommend changes in structure and direction, and design a clear plan to lead your business down the path of success.

Tesseract consultants draw upon extensive experience gained at a wide range of high-tech industries, from startups to major international corporations. We use our diverse experience to provide timely, cost-effective solutions that are appropriate for your needs regardless of company size, position, or resources.

Our business and management consulting experience includes:

Business plans that showcase your corporate viability are essential to securing capital and expansion. We specialize in writing compelling plans that contain just the right amount of detail to attract investors or make the argument for entering a new market.
We have the experience to help you broaden your appeal to venture capitalists, business partners, and affiliates and increase your revenue streams.
Keeping up with new markets and new technologies means we can properly provide strategic business recommendations to effectively position or re-position your company to meet market demands. This insight will help provide guidance for executive management and refine market requirements for development teams.
By streamlining corporate processes to eliminate redundancy and maximize results, we have helped improve many bottom lines. Let us do the same for you by leveraging our extensive experience in defining and managing processes. From basic order processes to ISO 9001 compliant lifecycle-planning systems, Tesseract has the experience to help you deploy efficient processes.
Business objectives change. New opportunities arise. Companies like yours need to adjust by creating new organizations or adapting existing ones... The experience needed to properly define these organizations and their processes can be very different than the skills required for managing them. This task can be especially challenging with Marketing and Product Management organizations, which involve extensive cross-functional interaction. Our consultants have invaluable, direct experience establishing effective Marketing and Product Management organizations.
Searching for management staff can be time-consuming, but in the meantime your business needs to keep running. Use Tesseract to bridge the management gap. Our consultants have performed in senior management roles including Vice President of Marketing, Vice President of Product Development, Director of Product Management, Director of Corporate Training and Employee Development, Director of Corporate Education, and Director of Corporate Communications.
Seasoned managers can take your project from inception through successful completion. As a one-stop shop, Tesseract can provide not only the manpower for the nuts-and-bolts work, but the right professional to oversee their activities and track their progress.
Accurate budgeting and forecasting are essential to efficiently leveraging your investment in people, materials and infrastructure. The unique challenges of your business are cannot be accurately modeled by standard business templates or off-the-shelf software. Tesseract can help by evaluating your corporate history and environment. We incorporate your objectives to design a modeling approach that will streamline your tracking, budget forecasting, analysis, and reporting processes.