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Rick Perez, President and Principal Consultant Tesseract Consulting Corp. Rick Perez has more than 30 years of marketing, management, and engineering experience at communication technology and software firms. His extensive industry knowledge makes him eminently qualified to analyze, establish, and grow successful product marketing organizations responsive to the unique demands of this business.

For Tesseract engagements, he combines his engineering background with considerable experience in all aspects of product marketing, pricing strategies, forecasting and modeling, market and competitive analyses, brand management, and new product introduction.

Since founding Tesseract Consulting Corp in 1993, Rick has functioned as president and principal consultant, enjoying a successful practice and providing services to a number of important voice and data communications equipment manufacturers companies such as Polycom, Siemens, NetSpeak, ShoreGroup, 3PV and Teleprocessing Systems GmBH (TPS).

Before striking out independently in 1993, Rick gained first-class experience in telecommunications at Siemens Corporation. He was a product marketing manager from 1985 to 1993, responsible for managing all aspects of their HCM 200 digital PABX for national distribution. During Siemen’s acquisition of ROLM, Rick’s team was entirely responsible for introducing the HCM 200 as the ROLM 9200, including the product positioning, the pricing and packaging strategy, and the delivery of all introductory presentation materials to the ROLM sales force.

His responsibilities and projects have included:

  • Building and managing a new segment marketing organization that provided greater clarity for target markets, customer needs, and opportunities.
  • Creating integrated go-to-market plans which include detailed market assessments, competitive analyses and internal gap identification.
  • Developing and implementing revenue stimulation programs, resulting increased revenues.
  • Leading a cross-functional team, including engineers and accountants to improve international revenues.
  • Creating global (international) market development plans. These focused on such areas as Germany and Asia.
  • Evaluating market requirements, product gaps, new markets, new product platforms, and new technologies, providing strategic recommendations leading to major acquisitions: globalization of corporation's transport business, and entry into next generation switching equipment.
  • Developing Market Attractiveness framework for market assessment and clarifying target accounts by geography, resulting in improved prioritized objectives for Sales' targets.

Sample Projects

Conducted survey of US resellers, performed analysis and provided recommendations to improve product penetration through reseller channels.

Managed the 33-person marketing department at NetSpeak, a pioneer in VoIP application software, through their transition from an engineering-for-hire business model to a product-driven model.

  • Realigned, directed, and managed the 33-person marketing department consistent with the new product-driven business objectives.
  • Assumed role of interim Director of Product Marketing and devised a system for forecasting revenues, defined important product enhancements based on the rapidly evolving competitive landscape, successfully repositioned their product portfolio to obtain immediate revenue and attract important strategic alliances with companies such as Cisco Systems and Motorola.
  • Instrumental in formulating the NetSpeak iTEL® architecture that earned the company the prestigious Frost & Sullivan Market Engineering Product Line Strategy Award.

Created the business case and marketing plan for the new venture, 3PV, a provider of third party verification solutions using speech recognition technology. Subsequent services were provided to manage the development of branding and collateral materials needed to launch 3PV.

  • Analyzed competition identified addressable markets to arrive at a definition of a complete service offering.
  • Defined the positioning strategy and created business cases and marketing plans for introduction of defined services.
  • Managed the graphic designer, writer, and webmaster who developed 3PV’s branding and collateral needed to launch of the 3PV venture.
  • Evaluated and refined 3PV’s messaging to specifically target prospective customers and produced a plan to implement the improved messaging in ads, web site and other appropriate collateral.
  • Defined new tracking mechanisms to quantify the success of messaging and marketing initiatives.

The Excel based tool included five Polycom Network Systems products and was specifically designed to promote the sales of NSD products through channels by providing resellers with an easy to use tool that addressed their business needs.

Served as Vice President of Marketing and Product Development at ShoreGroup, a privately held converged network infrastructure professional services and software development firm based in New York City. Responsible for all marketing, public relations and product development functions. The Company was a strt-up which grew from 8 to 70 employees in just three years while achieving revenues of over $24 million.

  • Evaluated the market potential for a network management product and related service offerings.
  • Created and managed the Marketing department with 2 full time employees and 6 contractors in the execution of tasks required to implement the Marketing and Public Relations strategy, including corporate web site and print collateral, press releases, magazine articles, partner co-marketing programs, promotional items, sales tools, and trade shows.
  • Corporate Marketing highlights include ShoreGroup being named one of Computer Reseller News (CRN) Magazine's "25 Rising Stars" in 2002, named CRN Best in Show at 2002 Cisco Partner Summit and selected by the New York New Media Association (NYNMA) as one of its "Technology to Watch Companies in 2003".
  • Directed the creation and implementation of branding for ShoreGroup’s corporate entity, CaseSentry network management product and ShorePatrol operational services, including messaging, domain name and logo selection.
  • Managed the Software Development department, including a Director of Software Development, a Chief Architect and 4 software engineers, in the tasks associated with evolving the CaseSentry network management product from prototype to released commercial product.
  • Defined and implemented the product feature enhancement request procedure, product introduction process, forecast modeling mechanism, pricing comparison models and competitive analysis system.
  • Established pricing and packaging for the CaseSentry product and packaged services for direct distribution.
  • Directed the creation of the company business plan, investor presentations and other investor relations materials

The four-year project at TPS, a manufacturer of voice/data multiplexers based in Cadoulzborg, Germany, resulted in the implementation of a product marketing organization including defining the necesary processes and procedures.

  • Evaluated new product ventures, new markets and new technologies culminating in strategic business recommendations for executive management and market requirements for development teams
  • Evaluated the US, German, and Asian market potential and analyzed the competition in the V/D multiplexer/PABX arena.
  • Oversaw the creation of all supporting marketing documentation such as presentations, collateral, brochures, and other supportive sales tools.
  • Established ISO 9001-compliant product management processes based on lifecycle planning for product management, feature enhancement, component forecasting, revenue forecasting, and ongoing competitive analysis.

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